Maximum Capacity: Strategies for Cognitive Enhancement

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A message from Heather Palmer, PhD: Welcome to Maximum Capacity Back

Everyone could use a mental boost from time to time! Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of misplacing keys, forgetting names one should remember, having trouble doing more than one thing at a time (multi-tasking), or not finding the right word when you need it? But when these difficulties become more frequent, a person’s quality of life can be strongly affected.

My name is Heather Palmer, and I am the Founder of Maximum Capacity: Strategies for Cognitive Enhancement. “Cognitive enhancement” is all about improving the way a person thinks, specifically improving memory and other aspects of executive brain functioning such as planning, organizing and word finding. Some may be experiencing cognitive difficulties due to brain injury or disease. Others may feel they are starting to lose these cognitive functions and want to improve them or may be simply interested in keeping their minds fresh and exercised. Whatever the reason, Maximum Capacity can help.

By combining my 20 years of clinical and scientific experience, I have developed a number of programs that are multidimensional, evidence-based and have been published in scientific journals. We are proud to have educated and helped over 6,000 individuals in cognitive enhancement/rehabilitation either through presentations/lectures, group seminars, or personalized one-on-one sessions which we tailor to an individual’s specific cognitive concerns.

We’ve recently added a few new features to our web site to cater to our two principal client groups: healthy seniors dealing with age-related cognitive decline and those experiencing cancer related cognitive difficulties. Please check out our Seniors Corner and Cancer Corner for valuable information and tips to get you on your way to thinking clearly again.

I am thrilled to be in on the ground floor with this emerging field and am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others in order to help them to maximize their cognitive capacity and enrich their lives. So, whether you are:

  • a healthy senior facing normal aging,
  • experiencing cancer-related “brain fog” (also known as “chemo brain” or “chemo fog”),
  • cognitively impaired by brain-related disease or injury (e.g. Alzheimer’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc),
  • wishing to stay mentally on top of your game in the corporate world,
  • or simply wanting to give your thinking a jump-start,
let us help you! Give your brain a boost. Contact us today.

Posted by Heather, 2010


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